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22 Oct

Thursday 7:00pm – 8:00pm


Definitely. We are open to any student who is curious and interested in learning more about Data Science.
Yes! If applications are still open and displayed in our calendar, we encourage you to apply because we're looking for people of all experience levels.
Unfortunately as there's a lot of interest in our committees, there will often be a very limited window for when you can apply. We encourage you to stay connected to DS3 through our mailing address, facebook, etc., as there will be certain periods usually in the beginning of the quarter where we may reopen applications. If you are really interested in contributing in a specific committee, we would recommend reaching out to the Board member who is the lead through their email to see if there is another way for you to be involved.
We are very active on our facebook group and would recommend you joining if you are interested. We also have a biweekly newsletter that you can subscribe to. We recommend adding our DS3 Public Events Calendar below so that you won't miss an event. And if there's an event you can't attend - don't worry, usually in the past events page you will find recordings and slides of previous events we have hosted.
Please feel free to email us at! Alternatively, message our facebook group or if your message is more committee specific, feel free to email any of the board members with your question.

  • about

    The Data Science Student Society at UCSD is an interdisciplinary academic organization designed to immerse the community in the diverse and growing facets of Data Science: Machine Learning, Computational Statistics, Data Mining, Visualization, Predictive Analytics, and any new emerging relevant fields of study.

    With practical hands-on data projects, a professional portfolio-building approach, and fun outreach activities, the Data Science Student Society at UCSD strives to enrich the academic life of the student community by strengthening them for success in their current and future pursuits of Data Science related fields.

  • 2019-2020 events

    Picture by Daniel Lincoln
    5 May 2020


    During Projects Showcase, teams from DS3’s Projects Committee present their analysis and findings to representatives from companies such as Facebook and Google.

    8 Feb 2020


    Datahacks is DS3's annual datathon where students pick from beginner, science, and business tracks to analyze datasets from.

    Picture by Nathan Dumlao
    16 Oct 2019

    Talent Day

    This was the first ever recruiting event dedicated towards the DS major and run by DS3 in partnership with HDSI.


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